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"Aqua-Minsk Plus" Hotel


The solemn tree planting ceremony!

We offer a very beautiful meaning and significance of the ceremony on the wedding – it's planting a tree of love!

This ceremony will allow you the day of your wedding to create a living symbol of your eternal love!

Spend your wedding ceremony and plant a "tree of love", so You could always go back and walk through the alley, where growing your "tree of love".

The cost of tree planting ceremony – 210 BYN.

More information please call: +375 44 505 65 27, +375 44 505 65 33.

Visit to the Aqua zone!

Visit to the Aqua zone water Park "Lebyazhy" (during the night).

Gift certificate for two

Gift certificate includes:
  • accommodation in hotel "the Hotel "Aqua-Minsk" (rooms DBL, TWIN, LUX, DSBL, BUNG). Accommodation in the room category BUNG is only possible for 2 guests;
  • dinner for two at the restaurant of the hotel "the Hotel "Aqua-Minsk" (26 RUB);
  • unlimited access to the Aqua zone water Park "Lebyazhy";
  • daily use of the gym in water Park "Lebyazhy";
  • rooms DBL, TWIN, DSBL + dinner in the restaurant - 90 roubles;
  • room category LUX + dinner in the restaurant - 156 rubles;
  • room Bung + dinner in the restaurant - 266 rubles.

The certificate may be purchased at the reception of the hotel "the Hotel "Aqua-Minsk" to the address: PR-t Winners, 118.

When using the gift certificate required prior reservation for accommodation.

Special offer

Visit our water-thermal area Lebyazhy water Park for the special price of 20 BYN.

Accommodation + SPA service center

1 pack:

  • Visit VTZ (all day).
  • Floating (30 min).
  • Salt room (60 min).
  • 15 byn.(for one person).

2 pack:

  • Visit VTZ (all day).
  • Classic massage (60 min).
  • Salt room (60 min).
  • 39 byn.(for one person).

3 pack:

  • Visit VTZ (all day).
  • Chocolate wrap (Tale of the Caribbean) (60 min).
  • Salt room (60 min).
  • 66 byn.(for one person).

The SPA rate(1) – includes discount + 1 package (15 byn for one person):

  • DBL/TWIN/DSABL: 89 byn.
  • LUXE: 165 byn.
  • BUNG: 294 byn.

Prices are per person

Rate SPA(2) – includes discount + 2 pack (39 byn for one person):

  • DBL/TWIN/DSABL: 113 byn.
  • LUXE: 189 byn.
  • BUNG: 318 byn.

Prices are per person

Rate SPA(3) – includes discount + 3 pack (66 byn for one person):

  • DBL/TWIN/DSABL: 140 byn.
  • LUXE: 216 byn.
  • BUNG: 345 byn.

Prices are per person

Mandatory pre-registration.

Read more: +375 17 279 96 03, +375 29 505 65 27.

Discount for a review

We appreciate the feedback and offer You a personal discount on accommodation in our hotel.

All you need to do is to leave a positive review about your stay at the hotel Akva-Minsk, assessing services in 10 points.

For all subsequent bookings on Your behalf over the phone or through VIBER will be given a 10% DISCOUNT, as well as the ability to use aquazone Lebyazhy water Park UNTIL 14:00 on the day of DEPARTURE.

Offer only applies when booking via phone or VIBER.

Tel: +37544 505 65 33,
Viber: +37544 505 65 27